Europe’s top tourism spenders

  • Belgium and the Netherlands might look small at first glance … but the Benelux = are very qualitative source markets to recruit tourists!

  • If you just look to the UNWTO world’s top tourism spenders list (1st chart), you’ll only notice Germany, the United Kingdom and France in the top 10. As with beautiful gemstones, you have to dig a bit further before you discover them. The Benelux enters the World’s Top 5 if you look to it as one country.

  • If you take into account the number of inhabitants you’ll discover that Belgian travelers are number 1  in Europe for average holiday expenditures. The Luxembourgers and Dutch travelers are number 2 and 3. On average Belgian travelers spend almost 2x as much compared to German travelers and 3x as much to the French.

UNWTO - World's Top Tourism Spenders - Average Expenditure per Inhabitant - KoomBana Bay - local marketing agency Benelux



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